Luxury Touches: Upgrading Your Bathroom with High-End Features

When considering a bathroom remodel, you may want to incorporate luxury features that elevate the look and functionality of the space. Hiring an experienced Seattle remodeling contractor is key to properly executing high-end finishes and custom details. Read on for ideas on taking your bathroom to the next level.

Bathroom with High-End Features

Heated Floors                                   

Heated flooring has become an expected amenity in luxury bathrooms. Radiant floor heating not only keeps bare feet warm on cold mornings, but it also dries spilled water quickly, preventing slips. Your Seattle remodeling contractor can help you choose between in-floor electric mats or a hydronic system that runs hot water through pipes under the floor.

Stone Surrounds

Floor-to-ceiling stone continues the opulence from the floor up the walls. Consider marble, granite, travertine, or onyx depending on your preferred color palette and vein patterns. Stone surfaces also make stunning shower surrounds that can be designed to fit custom sizes and layouts. Your remodeling contractor will ensure waterproof installation and proper sealing.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Soaking in style is easy with a freestanding tub as a centerpiece in your new bathroom. Choose from sculptural stone tubs, smooth acrylic models, or even copper versions to make a statement. Most freestanding tubs are deeper than average, allowing you to sink in up to your neck. Your contractor can configure plumbing and install reinforcement as needed to properly incorporate a large stand-alone model.

High-Tech Fixtures

Today’s luxury bath fixture offerings go far beyond basic functionality. Upgrade toilets offer heated seats, automatic opening and closing lids, built-in nightlights, and even music to enhance your experience. High-tech shower systems feature thermostatic valves that maintain an exact temperature, along with horizontal sprays to completely envelop you. Touchscreen hardware controls make adjusting options effortless.

Smart Home Integration

Controlling bath features through smart home systems or voice commands takes luxury to the cutting edge of convenience. Your remodeling contractor can set up app or voice control for functions like lighting, music, heated floors, and electronic bidets. Imagine having your perfect bath waiting at your custom command.

Spa-like Amenities

Design your new bathroom as a relaxing at-home spa escape. Consider incorporating:

Chromatherapy Lighting

Install LED lights that emit relaxing colored hues to set a soothing, spa-ready mood in the space. Slowly transition tones over time.

Built-In Speakers

Strategically position Bluetooth speakers to stream ambient nature sounds or your favorite spa playlists. Conceal wiring for a clean look.

Luxurious Materials

Select premium organic materials like quartz stone surfaces or richly-grained wood cabinetry. Natural texture adds warmth and luxury.

Heated Towel Racks

Keep plush towels perfectly warmed and ready for use once you step out of the shower or tub with convenient built-in heated towel racks.

High Capacity Jetted Tubs

Treat yourself to a spacious jetted soaker tub with adjustable water jets to envelope the body for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Steam Showers

Install a steam generator and waterproof tile walls/ceiling to create a steam shower. Add a built-in bench and relax as calming steam surrounds your body.

Custom Cabinetry

Maximize storage options with bathroom cabinets tailored specifically for you. Custom cabinets allow you to make the most of every inch, with clever pull-outs, spinners for corner dead space, integrated lighting, charging stations, and more specialized add-ons. Plus you can upgrade interiors with glass, wood, or even faux leather. Work with your Seattle remodeling contractor to design cabinets to suit your needs. Customization adds that perfect final touch to a luxury bath project.

Upgrading a single bathroom or building an entire luxury master suite brings a taste of high-end hotel or spa elegance into your own home. Contact a professional Seattle remodeling contractor today to discuss incorporating luxury finishes and custom details in your next bathroom renovation project.


My name is Gwen Elmore. I post about home improvement ideas and how to make your home look beautiful and liveable. I hope my posts will help you with your DIY projects!

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