Painting Guide – When and How Should I Paint My Home?

Painting the house is not a common task in our daily lives. Precisely for this reason, we do not always have the necessary information at hand to bring the painting up to date. And what to do to get a quality result, saving time and money?

Below, we have a real painting guide.

Painting Guide - When and How Should I Paint My Home

Quantity of containers

Knowing the quantity of each ink container is essential to avoid confusion at the time of purchase and, as a result, waste time and money. 

  • In 1/4 (we speak a small room) comes 800 ml of product;
  • In a gallon there are 3.6 liters;
  • There are 18 liters of product in a can.

Pay attention, too, to the name of each one, as many confuse the gallon with the can. So, keep an eye out!


The next item you should look at is the type of environment that will be painted because there are paints (and other products) specific to each type of location, whether internal (such as a bedroom or living room, for example) or external (outside walls or walls, for example). It is essential to make the correct choice to avoid losses! And to verify this information, pay attention to the product label.

Product quantity

You’ve already learned the amount that comes in each container. Now, how do you know how much product you really need? Your first option is to believe in the experience and opinion of the apartment painting professionals you hired to perform the service.

But in addition, you can also use the online calculator on each paint manufacturer’s website. 

Time of the year

There is no specific season of the year that is best for painting the house. However, it is worth avoiding very rainy periods, which would make the drying process difficult. Furthermore, it is also important to escape extreme temperatures, i.e. below 10oC and above 35oC.

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