Replacing Worn Cables Fixed Sagging Issues

My garage door had begun sagging noticeably at the bottom over the past few months. It didn’t create any functional problems, but the sloped look bothered my anal-retentive aesthetics. After discussing with neighbors, I learned this is a common issue that often develops over time as the cables that help lift the door wear out and gradually lose their ability to hold tension.

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Inspecting the Cables

I decided to carefully examine the cables running along each side of the garage door to see if they showed signs of deterioration. Sure enough, some areas had visible rust and fraying of the metal strands. The cables were also far looser than they should have been in their fittings. This helped confirm cables as a likely culprit for the door’s sagging issue.

Options Considered

Knowing the condition of the cables, I weighed my options. Replacing them myself seemed doable but would require working at height, which made me a bit nervous. I got quotes for a cable replacement service from professionals like Garage Door Spring Repair in Poquoson, but their estimates were more than I wanted to pay. I decided the safest choice was finding someone I trusted to help with the installation while I provided the labor.

A Friend Assists with Install

I purchased new galvanized aircraft cables rated for my door’s weight capacity. With my friend lending a hand, we were able to complete the cable replacement safely over a weekend. I handled detaching the old cables while he supported that side, and then we worked together attaching the new cables and adjusting the tension.

Success and Lessons Learned

With the job done, the door no longer had any unsightly sag! Working as a team made this installation less intimidating than going solo. I also gained valuable skills for future maintenance needs. Most importantly, I learned cables are a critical wear item to check regularly and replace preemptively to avoid more costly repairs down the line. Catching issues early makes tasks easier too. Overall, very glad we tackled this repair ourselves!


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