Roller Repair Saved Us From Replacing Our Whole Garage Door

Our garage door was starting to act up – it would get stuck halfway when opening and closing, forcing us to disengage the motor and lift it manually. Naturally, I assumed the time had come to replace the entire thing, as it was over 15 years old at that point. But first, my neighbor Larry suggested I call his garage door guy to take a look, just in case it was something simpler.

Getting It Diagnosed By Pros

The technician from Garage Door Repair Laurel came out the next day to assess the situation. He took just a few minutes to identify the issue – the rollers that the door slides up and down on had flat spots worn into them from age and use. This was causing the doors to get stuck on the tracks. Who would have thought something that seemed so minor could be the culprit!

Rollers Make A Big Difference

The tech explained that the rollers are a common wear item on garage doors. Over thousands of open/close cycles, they deteriorate to the point of hindering smooth operation. Their job is to allow the heavy panels to glide effortlessly up and down the tracks. But once flat spots form, friction increases and the door doesn’t roll as it should. This was perfectly demonstrated with our failing rollers.

An Easy (And Cheap!) Fix

Here’s the best part – replacing the rollers is a very simple fix that saves you from paying the hefty cost of an entire garage door replacement! The garage door specialist had the necessary replacement rollers in his truck, and they popped right in with basic hand tools. No special skills or lifting equipment required for this maintenance task.

In less than 30 minutes, we had new rollers installed on all three door panels. And just like that, our problems were solved – the door glides up and down the tracks smoothly now with no more hangups. Best of all, the part and labor only came to a fraction of the price of a new door installation!

Prevent Future Roller Issues

The technician explained regular roller inspection and replacement is important garage door maintenance. Their lifespan can vary depending on usage levels, but 5-10 years is typical before needing to be swapped out. Now we know to check them periodically ourselves going forward. A small investment of time and money upfront can prevent bigger repair costs down the road.

So if you’re experiencing symptoms like sticking or sticking, take a look at the rollers first before any drastic door replacement! Thanks to the pros at ‘Garage Door Repair Laurel’ we avoided a much bigger headache and expense. A straightforward, inexpensive repair is sometimes all that’s needed.

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