How to Properly Style Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets are admittedly one of the world’s favorite cabinets to buy and many homeowners swear that you cannot do better than buying natural wood kitchen cabinets. But what does everyone have to say about styling any wood-based cabinets? Are natural wood cabinets difficult to style?

Well, in this article, we aim to explain more about what exactly natural wood cabinets are, and how to give them a special makeover.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Arguably, it takes a special kind of ingenuity for furniture models straight out of the 17th century to stand out as stylish in a post-modern interior design landscape. Well, that is the outstanding case of natural wood kitchen cabinets, some of the years-long trending cabinet models anyone can think of.

Here are some well-known reasons for their unending popularity;

#1: Natural Wood Cabinets are Durable          

Wood cabinets are ever-existent in the world of interior design, thanks to the extra high strength properties of their material components. Compared to laminate and metallic cabinets, for example, natural wood kitchen cabinets are customizable and recyclable, a fact that proves them more cost-effective

#2: Natural Wood Cabinets are Easily Accessible

As the most common cabinet models, natural wood cabinets have over the years proved exceptionally accessibility. The truth is that one can find them anywhere, from virtual to land-based furniture-selling sites. Unlike metallic and laminate cabinets, wood cabinets can easily be designed and manufactured locally. For that reason, accessing them locally is never a problem.

#3: Natural Wood Cabinets are Versatile

Besides the fact that they are almost unmatched in terms of durability scores as well as accessible, natural wood kitchen cabinets are ever-popular, thanks to their versatility. With multiple different models, all boasting remarkable functional properties, wood-cabinets provide unlimited options as far as cabinet designs are concerned.

The best-selling natural wood cabinet models include the following;

  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The top-trending oak cabinets exist in twos-red and white oak cabinets. For homeowners attracted to natural wood kitchen cabinets with earth-toned finishes, red oak cabinets are the best deal. White oak cabinets, on the other hand, are best for anyone attracted to furniture with a retro color palette coated with aspects of modernity.

  • Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

After oak cabinets, hickory are the next best-selling natural wood cabinets. Whether painted, stained, or left with groovy or distressed bare wood finishing, hickory cabinets are known to never disappoint when it comes to strength. With the toughness and coarse-grained finishing of natural hickory hardwood, hickory cabinets can withstand impacts, scratches, and smudges.

  • Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets

If you have never seen mahogany cabinets, you must be too much behind in time. They have been around for ages alongside the well-known natural wood kitchen cabinets, including oak and hickory cabinets, and have never ceased to inspire homeowners and interior designers alike. If you want to feel the charm of fragrant-powered natural wood species inside your pantry, you can consider going for mahogany cabinets.

About Styling Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

From mixing a wide range of décor items to merging colors and incorporating live plants and flowers, there are numerous interior designers’ simple tips for styling wood-based cabinet models in an interior space.

Regardless of the strategy one chooses to opt for, the following are always unavoidable when it comes to styling any natural wood kitchen cabinets.

  • Incorporating Color Contrast

Unless you want wood cabinets to be invisible inside your space, you must be keen to make everything around them colorful. Considering that the majority of unpainted wood finishes are more often dark-stained, you can be sure that they can seem invisible in an interior with inadequate color contrast.

  • Merging Varying Material Textures

With natural wood cabinets fixed inside your kitchen, you can go for a variety of textures, from terracotta and ceramic tiles to metals and laminates with ornamental details, in terms of flooring, accentual elements, cabinet countertops, and décor items. Apart from incorporating bright colors, a sure way to enhance the outlook of natural wood kitchen cabinets in a space is by contrasting their finishes with varying textures.

  • Considering Personal Tastes or Preferences

When styling natural wood cupboards, you are bound to be stuck in considering your likes and dislikes. If, for example, you are less attracted to classic visual aesthetic styles, you can find yourself caught up between opting for dozens of contemporary colors and materials like laminate and metallic materials when it comes to décor accessories.

  • Consulting Experts

Honestly speaking, armed with expert opinion, for example, the views of professional interior designers, you, like many homeowners, can easily determine the right approach when it comes to choosing colors to mix with wood cabinets for purposes of styling. With years-long experience in styling spaces, some interior designers easily become the go-to people as far as finding information about styling cabinets is concerned.

Certainly not now! With many homeowners currently thinking that they can never do better than buying any natural wood cabinet model, you should expect varieties of wood cabinets to trend for a long time to come. Thanks to the popular law of demand and supply, the more people continue to love wood cabinets, the more the popularity of all-natural wood cabinets will soar.

You can bet on the fact that thousands of homeowners will opt for wood-based cabinets as time goes by. As this review article has let you discover, wood cabinet varieties, from classic to modern-fashioned designs, are not only practically appealing as far as interior design needs are concerned but are also cost-effective and more accessible than tens of best-selling laminate and metallic cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, as some of the world’s best cabinet models to buy, natural wood kitchen cabinets are not a bad idea when it comes to kitchen interior design. Because they are versatile, they boast the potential to give anyone multiple options in terms of idyllic drawer designs to work with, in an interior space makeover endeavor. Whereas finding natural wood cabinets is by far easy, styling them is not only straightforward and cost-effective but also fun.

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