DIY Project: How to Create an Exposed Brick Wall?

Although you can do many home improvements yourself, some DIY home improvement projects are more ambitious than others. Creating an exposed brick wall is one of these ambitious projects. If you enjoy doing home improvement projects, this is certainly a great option for you. Before you begin this DIY project to create an exposed brick wall, gather the following tools.

  1. Dust mask and eye protection
  2. Brick chisel
  3. Brick sealer
  4. Small crowbar
  5. Scrubbing brush
  6. Plastic sheets

DIY Project: How to Create an Exposed Brick Wall?

First, use the plastic sheets to cover the area, just leaving the wall that you want to work on. This will save them from the dust. You also need to protect your face, eyes, and nose from the dust. To protect your nose and lungs, use a quality mask. Do not use the simple surgical mask as it is not designed to protect from dust. You can use special glasses to cover your eyes.

Now, make a hole in the plaster and see the quality of the bricks. Once satisfied, use the chisel or the crowbar to remove the plaster. Be careful and tab it with the controlled force so that not to damage the bricks underneath. Take extra care when removing the plaster near the adjacent walls and ceiling so that they are not damaged.

Work until you have your exposed brick wall. Now it is the time to clean the bricks. Water can be used to clean the bricks. Use the water with a sponge without foam to clean the bricks. You will need to clean the bricks two or three times. Replace the dirty water with the clean when whenever necessary. If there are cracks in the wall, fill them with the appropriate cement.

Brick sealers are available in the market. Choose a suitable sealer according to the look you want. You will need to apply 2 or 3 coats of the sealer to your wall.