How To Paint The House Yourself – Professional Tips And Tricks

It is possible to do a painting job without necessarily having to hire a team, but keep in mind that there are steps that need to be followed and that tips and tricks are important when doing something never done before. If there is a big paining work, prefer hiring painting and decorating experts at Local Builders London.

How To Paint The House Yourself - Professional Tips And Tricks

Check out the tips:

  • For masonry surfaces indoors, use acrylic paints with good wash-ability;
  • Outdoors, opt for paints with hydrophilic characteristics, which facilitate cleaning;
  • Allow 4 hours between applying one layer and another;
  • Mix only the amount of water and paint that will be used on the day;
  • Use low-wool wool roll, it gives the surface a smoother finish;
  • Observe the guidelines on the ink package label as they may change depending on the surface type;
  • Apply a varnish or enamel on wood surfaces, varnish is a product that dyes wood leaving its veins exposed, enamel paints the surface without letting the veins appear;
  • The procedure for floor painting varies according to the type of surface, in the ceramic floor the tip is to apply an epoxy floor with a roller to create a sticky base before receiving the acrylic paint, while on the cement floor it is necessary to apply a floor. Preparer to aggregate loose particles and make the surface homogeneous;
  • For brick, roof or stone painting, it is important to clean all dust and other debris for effective application;
  • On varnished surfaces, sandpaper must be used until the gloss is completely eliminated;
  • Metal surfaces, such as gates and windows, can be painted with enamels;

To know the amount of paint needed, you need to calculate the area to be painted, for that you need to measure the wall and multiply by the height of your right foot, then multiply this by the total number of coats, usually two or three.

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