Tips to Make Your Home Garden Hummingbird-Friendly

Watching birds, and especially hummingbirds, in your garden is one of the most enjoyable experiences. If you live in an area of hummingbirds, consider yourself lucky. Even if there are not a lot of hummingbirds in your area, you can still watch a lot of other birds and butterflies flocking to your garden. Following are some tips to make your home garden hummingbird-friendly.

  1. Food

Hummingbirds feed primarily on nectar, but they also need insects eppecially in the breeding season. Nectar rich flowers in your garden attract hummingbirds and other birds and beautiful insects like butterflies. In addition to the nectar flowers, you can have hummingbird feeders in your gardens. Instead of buying hummingbird feed, you can make healthy feed for hummingbirds at home.

Tips to Make Your Home Garden Hummingbird-Friendly

  1. Water

A quick stream or a deep pot is not very accommodating for hummingbirds. These little birds prefer misters and shallow basins. Better still, if you have plants with broad leafs, spraying water on these leaves can accumulate water and hummingbirds will be delighted to drink and bathe in this water.

  1. Nesting Sites

Hummingbirds do not make nests in the traditional birdhouses. They make nesting sites in trees and sheltered places. Many hummingbird-friendly trees in your garden attract these birds to make nests.

  1. Colors

Colorful plants and flowers make your garden hummingbird-friendly as well as attract other birds and insects. These insects are very important as well because they pollinate your garden and help blossom more flowers. You can also consider adding colorful objects in your garden to attract these birds.

  1. Plants

Certain plants are very attractive to hummingbirds. If your garden has plants that blossom in early spring and late fall, it will greatly help attract hummingbirds as nectar sources are often scarce in these times.

Be careful not to use any herbicides and insecticides as they are very dangerous for hummingbirds and other insects.

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