Using Fire Alarm System to Save Your House and Office from Accidental Fires

National Fire Protection Association reported that among the fatal fires in households, two-thirds do not have a properly working fire alarm system. A fire detection system can go a long way to protect life and property. But it is not sufficient to install an alarm system. It is equally important to check your alarm system for possible malfunctions, especially batteries. There are many building that have fire alarms systems installed but they are not working due to expired batteries. Following are the three types of modern fire alarm systems used in most buildings.

Using Fire Alarm System to Save Your House and Office from Accidental Fires

  1. Ionization Alarm Systems

Ionization alarm systems have a small amount of radioactive material. The radiation of this material acts as a passage for a small amount of current. When smoke enters the passage, the flow of the current is disrupted setting off the alarm. This kind of fire alarm system is best for fast-raging fires.

  1. Photoelectric Alarm Systems

In this type of alarm system, light is emitted from a source and detected through a sensor. When smoke enters the area, the light is scattered. The light sensor senses the scattered light and sets off the alarm. This kind of alarm system is better for slow smoldering fires.

  1. Combination Alarm System

The combination alarm system combines both the above-mentioned technologies to offer better fire detection. By combining ionization and photoelectric technologies, the combination alarm system efficiently detects fast raging as well as slow smoldering fires.

Most low-end fire alarm systems are powered by 9-volt batteries. Batteries are effective but they need periodic replacement. It has been observed that most people fail to monitor and change batteries on time. Some alarm systems use AC power and lithium batteries as a backup. Such fire alarm systems are safer as there is no need to change batteries and they work even if power fails.


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