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How to Identify Bed Bugs

You may have wondered, perhaps you had heard bedbugs are invisible, perhaps they are so small even more difficult to identify. perhaps you have heard that bed bugs can fly. Well; the only truth is that No-One Anywhere is SAFE from bed bugs. Good Hygiene and Proactive Cleaning and Monitoring is the Only Protection from a bedbug infestation.

Pest Control London

Bed Bug Treatments May Vary, However, the Protocol for treatment of Bedbugs with heat will not Vary. Bedbug elimination is the Preferred service.

Important facts about bed bug control in London: The first important thing to know is bed bugs do not discriminate. They will feed on people from all walks of life. Rich, poor, happy, sad, bed bugs will feed on you if they are looking for a blood meal.

Bed bugs are masters of travel. Everything from purses, luggage, suits, dresses, and every other item you can think of has the capability of giving bed bugs a free ride. Increased travel is one theory behind the bed bug resurgence in London.

Never get rid of bed bugs in London without the help of a trained professional like the ones from Pest Control London. If you do it yourself bed bug control has led to multiple deaths and has cost people tens of thousands of extra dollars. From throwing away your furniture and treatments you can harm your family and others without the correct treatment.

Always know the signs of a London bed bug infestation! To avoid bed bugs look for debris as bedbugs often will shed their skin. Look in crevices and on your mattress for bed bug activity. Be sure to change your sheets regularly. Always inspect hotel rooms before you get comfortable with bed bug signs. Look in beds and furniture as bed bugs are not in only beds but can hide all over a hotel room. When travelling always check your suitcase when you get home. Also, don’t forget to inspect clothing before leaving the store with newly purchased items. If you are unsure you have a bed bug infestation fill in the form below to have a professional bed bug exterminator in London help you in the identification and extermination of bed bugs form your commercial or residential property.

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