What Is Thermoacoustic Tile And Why Is It A Good Investment?

Thermoacoustic tiles are those that, in addition to serving as roofing, also have the function of insulating temperature (therm) and sound (acoustic). Also known as sandwich tiles, because they are structured by two metallic plates of galvanized steel placed next to each other and filled, like a sandwich, with an insulating material.

coating for thermo-acoustic tile

How to choose the best coating for thermo-acoustic tile?

In order to add more quality to the tiles, they usually receive a coating when they leave the factory, which can vary according to your needs. See the main ones and their qualities. Realize what really matters when choosing the most suitable for your classic roofing & construction.


As the name implies, this is the basic finish, with a simple layer of metal. It is much more used in slabs in places with little need for protection. They don’t offer much more quality, but their acquisition and installation cost is relatively lower, which helps with certain small projects.


The ceiling finish is much more used for coating internal areas, allowing these tiles to be used also as thermo-acoustic insulation between different rooms of a building. In addition to being relatively low cost, it also provides a very effective aesthetic finish and can be integrated with other materials to create the ideal look.


If you are going to use these materials in spaces where both sides of the tile are visible, such as garage doors and sheds, then you need a thicker coating on both sides. The double coating provides the necessary protection to prevent premature wear of your tiles, even with the extra exposed surface.


Styrofoam coating may not be your first idea, but it’s still very effective in many ways. In addition to having the insulating qualities you need, it is also a good flame retardant material in case of fire. It is 100% recyclable and has a lower investment cost than some alternatives, offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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