All About How To Design With Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Several years after their inventions, natural wood cabinets continue to exist as heroes and villains at the same time. Call it their duality. Arguably, it’s part of the reason they draw attention everywhere and confound critics and fans alike with a popularity that amazes.

Does the good in natural wood kitchen cabinets outweigh the bad? Well, continue reading this article to learn more about that.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

The term natural wood cabinets is often thrown around to describe types of cabinets engineered from different types of hardwoods, including oak, mahogany, maple, teak, and cherry. Also called wood cabinets, natural wood kitchen cabinets come with everything that a cabinet is supposed to offer, from visual attractiveness to practical design features.

As of now, their top-trending varieties include the following;

  1. Maple Cabinets

Revered as some of the most ingeniously designed wood-based cabinets, maple cabinets, some of the best-selling cabinets, come in a wide range of varieties. Broadly speaking, these include traditional and modern-fashioned models, all of which continue to prove notorious when it comes to lasting longer than expected.

  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak cabinets, arguably the most versatile natural wood kitchen cabinets, have a lot to offer than many natural wood cabinets. Since they are versatile, the wood-based drawer designs exist, not more, nor less, as a gateway to unlimited choices in terms of cabinetry design options. Oak cabinets are also exemplarily durable and maintainable, not to mention eye-catching and compatible with a wide range of styling options as far as interior designs are concerned.

Advantages of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Durability

Truthfully, wood-based cabinets are the world’s most long-lasting cabinets. Thanks to their impressive material features, they can fight a myriad of aspects of tear and wear, including scratching, to stay looking attractive and strong for as long as possible.

#2: Versatility

If you want unlimited access to an expansive collection of cabinet models, go for wood-based cabinets. Since they are engineered from different hardwood varieties, wood-based cabinet models feature countless variations in terms of material components. In terms of aesthetic styling options, natural wood kitchen cabinets can allow you to access a range of traditional and modern-fashioned cabinet designs, all of which are eye-catching.

Disadvantages of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

While wood cabinets are revered for different valuable attributes, they are prone to rotting, especially in situations where they are constantly made wet. Nevertheless, with effective coating, natural wood cabinets can withstand any kind of wetness, whether caused by water or any liquids that boast the potential to corrode wood finishes.

Final Thoughts

Since their goodness outweighs their disadvantages, natural wood kitchen cabinets are not more, not less, valuable cabinetry designs. Whether you are attracted to traditional or modern cabinet designs, natural wood cabinets are ideal for you.

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